Rogner Network - Going Spa

Today Rogner presents itself as an international network of enterprises based on state-of-the-art structures, ensuring quick and flexible market operations as well as fast and unconventional reactions to market changes and customer demands.

The network’s clear division of operating and real estate companies, accomplished during the last couple of years, has created the basis for effective investment management and successful cooperation with finance partners.

The advantages are obvious. On the one hand an optimized investment management, on the other hand responsibility and organisational structures allocated to an entire management team, all sharing the same focus on innovation and flexibility.

Together with acquired key competences in spa business these conditions have proved to be essential requirements for Rogner Holding’s expansion - especially the “Rogner International Hotels & Resorts”. Spa projects, like Salzburg, Vienna, Munich, Montenegro and Croatia are about to be realized soon.

The following figures of companies managed by Rogner International Hotels & Resorts reflect the network’s impressive performance.
The volume growth of companies under RIHR management (Rogner Hotel Europapark Tirana/Albanien, Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme Heviz/Ungarn, Margaretenbad/?-sterreich, Rogner Resort Königsleitn-Litschau, Rogner-Bad Blumau Hotel & Spa, Rogner Hotel Fuchspalast St. Veit, Rogner Bauerndorf Sonnleitn) increased by 12 percent between 1998 and 2001. The spa and wellness branch (Bad Blumau, Heviz) reports a record growth of 32 percent in the same period. GOP (Gross Operation Profit acc. Uniform System of Accounts) grew by 42 percent in the comparative period. This development listed RIHR top of international hotel management companies. This outstanding result is attributable in part to the increased income accomplished per room rate, which rose from 162 € in 1998 up to 191 € in 2001 (+18 percent). The spa business even registered a growth of 24 percent (from 169 € to 209 €).


The Rogner hotel group experienced an overall occupancy rate of more than 66 percent in the business year. In this area too, the spa branch generated an even better result with 73 percent, regardless of the dramatic turbulences caused by September 11. Below listed figures of the business year 2001 underline the continuing positive development of the entire Rogner network. The holding’s (Rogner International Hotels & Resorts, Rogner International Hotel Development, Geothermie GmbH) sales volume totalled 6,42 Mio. € in 2001, cash flow (before interest and taxes) 2,85 Mio. € (44,3 percent). In the fiscal year of 2001 the real estate company Rogner-Bad Blumau Spa & Hotel generated a turnover of 23,02 Mio. € and a cash flow of 2,69 Mio. € (12 percent), Rogner Lotus Therme Heviz, a turnover of 8,72 Mio. € and a cash flow of 1,93 Mio. € (22 percent).

Perusal of the worldwide leading US market shows that potential in the spa business is still considerable. The annual growth rate of enterprises amounts to approx. 21 percent, the number of visitors grew by 70 percent between 1997 and 1999, the total turnover rose to 5.3 Mrd. US dollars, that is an incredible 152 percent, in 1999 (source: 2000 ISPA Industry Study by PricewaterhouseCoopers ). These international comparisons, together with the success achieved in the past, prove that the Rogner network has adopted the right strategy and is, so to speak, backing the right horse, i.e. the spa business. Another aspect should not be neglected: spa tourists spend an average of 66 percent more during their holidays(ETC Health Benefits - The market opportunities for health tourism in England. 4/2002).

For the Rogner network, the year 2001 was also essentially highlighted by the planning and realisation of many projects. These “milestones” constitute further steps towards being Europe’s “spa number one”:

—Internet presentation: stands for:
over 600.000 page views/month
30% online-reservation ratio
128% plus of internet users since going online
update within seconds thanks to CMS—Intranet: internal network linking companies and staff will be achieved shortly—MIS: The management information system allows immediate access to essential information, providing best possible transparency of financial issues for internal and external network partners—Rogner is founding member of the ISPA (International Spa Association) Europe and represented in the managing committee (as vice president) and in various departments of this organisation. Rogner also plays a leading role in the design and introduction of international guidelines for the spa branch. Furthermore, Rogner-Bad Blumau will become new head office of ISPA Europe—Rogner is founding member of “Austria - Wellbeing Destination of Europe” (spa and wellness cluster), an initiative of the Austrian government—Setting new standards in the spa and wellness business with the Rogner Spa Academy, offering ongoing education and training to top manager levels for spa apprentices.

What does the future with Rogner look like? According to the saying “idleness rusts the mind” the enterprise is planning numerous initiatives, some of which are already taking form. 

—Expansion of Rogner Hotels & Spa Lotus Therme Heviz (Hungary)—Expansion of Rogner Bad Blumau (thermal lake, Ayruveda centre)—Realisation of the latest Hundertwasser spa “Dorint Golf del Sur” on Tenerife—Development of the thermal resort project St. Martin/Lofer (Salzburg)—Realisation of the spa concept “Allgäu-Immenstadt” (Bavaria)—Realisation of the spa concept Erding-Munich (Bavaria)—Development of all-year-round projects in Croatia and Montenegro in cooperation with the corresponding governments—Realisation of the holistic Rogner day spa concept (building of compact spa and wellness temples in urban centres).

All this shows in an impressive manner Rogner’s competence and leading role in Europe’s spa and wellness business. Thus the enterprise with its head offices in Austria is an attractive partner for potential investors, focusing on innovation as well as on continuity and success.