Life Coaching at Green Valley with Dr. Miner

Provides the wisdom, expertise, and support for you to discover, design, and live your best life. Collaborating with you to clarity your challenges, leverage your gifts, and make powerful choices, the life coach focuses entirely on your success and happiness. The uniqueness of life coaching at Green Valley is the opportunity to continue the collaboration and support even after you return home.
Life coaching sessions and classes at Green Valley complement your experience at the Spa, providing a mental component to your healing, transformation, and personal growth. Life coaching is available to help you:

Make personal changes that work // Easily and effectively navigate transitions in life and career // Balance your life while reducing stress // Remove barriers to your potential and simplify your life // Discover and live your life from values, vision, and gifts // Move your life forward and live in the present moment

Life coaching is available through individual sessions and classes that cover the above areas. Classes each week cover life balance and how to say “yes” to your life.

About Dr. Jane Miner:
All life coaching is provided by our life coach Dr. Jane Miner, who has over thirty years experience working with people who want to be successful. From this work she has learned what works and doesn`t work in the pursuit of success.

She is a graduate of Coach University, the largest and best coaching training in the world. Additionally, she is a nationally certified sport psychologist with a doctorate from the University of Utah. She has vast experience as a teacher, presenter, and author including over 150 presentations and 5 books.


Her life mission is to support your success at living your potential and having a life that is effortless, full, and joyful. She does this through her gifts as an information distiller and idea weaver. You will receive the most professional knowledge, strategies, and support that those thirty years of experience and training can offer.