Execufit in the Hydro at Stellenbosch

The pursuit of wellness is seldom high up on any Business person`s list of priorities, especially since meetings, schedules, Business trips and entertaining have a way of faking precedence. But stress, combined with an erratic or non-existent exercise schedule and a poor diet can radically affect one`s day to day functioning and life expectancy.
Execufit is a programme designed to Bring over-worked and highly stressed business people back to the reality of their physical and mental well Being. Execufit offers a period of time out, to take stock and return to the corporate environment with a heightened consciousness of one`s Body`s limits and needs.

The programme is essentially a “long weekend away”, helping to restore mental and physical Balance and, with the aid of our team of highly qualified health professionals, facilitating an important paradigm shift to pre-empt appropriate lifestyle adjustments which, ultimately, fosters a healthier, longer, more productive life.

When combined with a group corporate function such as a marketing think tank or a time management course, Execufit offers the added advantage of a tax deduction, and it can also quite feasibly be included as part of an annual motivational Bonus scheme for top performers.

Execufit can be scheduled for 4 days and would typically start on a Wednesday afternoon - which means that for Gauteng visitors, Wednesday morning can be spent of the office, followed by a lunchtime flight to Cape Town.

Following a late afternoon check-in, you will be given a brief orientation by our management and hospitality personnel, the opportunity to acquaint yourself with all services and facilities offered by the Hydra, and on the whole, plenty of time to wind down and settle in.


Set at the foot of Simonsberg in a natural amphitheatre of vineyards, orchards and forests, the High Rustenberg Hydra is a dramatic departure from your usual Monday to Friday. On your first afternoon and evening with us, you might want to do little more than, perhaps, stroll around the vineyards or put your feet up with the paper at the pool or in the lounge.

Thursday morning will begin with a full medical conducted By a team of medical professionals
of excellent repute. Being a standard comprehensive medical check-up, the costs involved will Be in accordance with most companies medical aid Benefits.
The Executive Medical Examination includes:
* Prosta-flow assessment (men) * Prostate size is tested. No rectal examination needed * Cholesterol test (Random) * Blood glucose (Random) Needed to test for sugar content and diagnosing diabetes * Urine analysis: Urine is tested to prevent certain illnesses e.g.. Diabetes mellitus, high Blood pressure, kidney and Bladder infections, and so on * Body composition analysis: The percentage of Body fat in relation to your height, mass and age, is tested * Lung function test: An electronic meter will measure the percentage of air capacity in the lungs * Visual acuity: Snellen & ishiara charts are used * Haemoglobin test * Stress ECG: Test the functioning of the heart under physical strain * Personal history: Including your lifestyle, your medical history and your family history. (Diabetes, TB, heart or blood problems & cholesterol.)

You may use the remainder of your day to relax and enjoy the massage and hydrotherapy treatments, or choose from a host of other holistic Body and skin care treatments, our tranquil poolside, our indoor heated pool and gymnasium, and of course, the winelands and the fresh mountain air.

By Friday morning you should already be feeling the Benefits of our tranquil environment, rejuvenating treatments, cleansing diet and unobtrusive hospitality. The results of your previous day`s medical will Be discussed with you. You will be given constructive and practical advice on how to improve certain aspects of your health that might need special attention. You will be presented a detailed report on your bodies status quo, in an analysis which will reveal crucial steps to take to enhance your mind-body balance, life expectancy, and general well-being. Chronic health threats - such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, heart attack and emphysema - can be diagnosed and treated timeously.

An esteemed academic associate, Dr Dawie van Velden, will be available to spend some time with you, discussing an approach to living which places prevention above cure, and which will help you gain a better appreciation of how to attain and maintain true wellness. All medical consultations and test results will be treated with 100% doctor-patient confidentiality. Our medical team under Drs Adendorff, Ellis and Van Zyl will refer certain individuals to relevant specialists, where necessary. Any signs of abnormality will immediately be referred to the individuals personal MD or specialist, with the patient`s consent.

In conjunction with your medical results from Thursday, you will also be advised on an appropriate diet to follow so that after the weekend you may implement certain adjustments. The frequently held view of a health hydro being a place that strictly enforces “a lettuce leaf a day” is indeed a myth. You will be given a recommended nutritional programme during your stay with us. Healthy food occupies an important place on our menu of treatments at The Hydro, and whatever recommended adjustments you choose to make should contribute to your feeling dramatically more energised by the end of your visit. This, combined with an optional programme of therapies - like Thallassotherapy, Aromatherapy Massage, Body Alignment, Lymph Drainage and Hair & Scalp Treatments, to name a few - will help you attain a unique sense of well-being and balance.

The idea behind Execufit is not simply to jolt over-stressed executives out of bad habits for a few days. More than anything, it provides an opportunity to take stock and make certain small, but meaningful and manageable, adjustments which lead to long term physical and mental well-being. It is an opportunity to gain a proper insight into holistic health, and ultimately, to improve your chances of living a longer, more productive, more balanced life. Group corporate participation has the added advantage of protecting a company`s most valuable assets - it`s key people. Few other incentives could motivate and energise your top performing people quite like Execufit can. Execufit includes a follow-up scheme designed to keep your health in check in the long run. You will be reminded of any further examinations and when your next return visit is due. We are confident there will, indeed, be a next time. Our data shows that the vast majority of executives who visit the High Rustenberg Hydra, return for another visit. Once you have experienced the kind of attitude to a healthy lifestyle that is fostered here, it is the first step in a 1ourney to truly great health.