Grand Wailea Resort: An Outdoor Museum

Art is one of the six major design themes of the Grand Wailea Resort. Special attention has been
given to the harmonious integration of art into all areas of the resort. The collection includes original
paintings, sculpture, graphics, murals and artifacts and features work of artists of international stature
such as Fernando Botero, Fernand Legér, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Mordecai Ardon.
Regional art also plays an important role throughout the resort, with works by Yvonne Cheng, Ken
Shutt, Jan Fisher, Henry Bianchini and Esther Shimazu. Hawaiiana art and the art of the Pacific
are also emphasized.
Guests of the hotel are offered complimentary tours each Tuesday and Friday, and are given a
detailed history of the works of art and the artists’ lives. The on-site expert can tailor the tours
according to guest’s preferences while enthusiasts can also relax and peruse through a wide collection
of art books located in the “library” room in the NaPua Gallery on premises.
Following is a detailed listing of the extensive artwork exhibited throughout the resort:
Fernando Botero (1932 -) / Born - Medellin, Colombia
One of the best known contemporary artists in the world, Botero’s unique style in the representation
of human figures of exaggerated proportions is instantly recognizable. Nine of his bronze sculptures
are displayed throughout the lobby atrium, positioned in such a way that guests can have a complete
view of them.
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) Born - Malaga, Spain
Picasso is considered one of the most powerful and creative artists of the 20th century. He lived life to
its fullest and explored and experienced every art form, constantly seeking change. Above all he had
a firm commitment to the art of printmaking. He retained ownership of a vast collection of these
prints, which were inherited by his granddaughter, Marina Picasso after his death in 1973. Part of this
estate collection is now exhibited in the NaPua Gallery.
Fernand Léger (1881-1955) Born - Argentan, Normandy, France
Fernand Léger, along with Picasso and Braque, formed the core of modernism in the 20
Toward the end of his life, Léger became intensely interested in using bronze because of its
monochromatic formal qualities as well as its durability. The set of 18 bronzes exhibited were
created during 1950-1953 and cast posthumously in 1960.
Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Born - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
One of the most popular chroniclers of our times, the controversial and flamboyant Warhol is
remembered as the “Father of Pop Art.” The Grand Wailea Resort has 13 acrylic and silkscreen on
canvas works from the “Reversal Series” of Marilyn Monroe created between 1979 and 1986, which
are displayed in the NaPua Gallery.
Mordecai Ardon (1896-1992) Born - Turchow, Poland
Mordecai Ardon was one of Israel’s leading painters, and his work is represented in major museums
and private collections throughout the world. His paintings have universal and immediate appeal and
are known for their gemlike colors, technical brilliance and variety of mood. His works exhibited in
the NaPua Gallery is an astonishing stirring triptych on the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima:
Satoru Abe (1926 -) Born - Honolulu, Hawaii
Satoru Abe’s sculptures of abstracted natural forms blend gently into nature. Known for his
sculptures in welded metal, especially copper or bronze, and wood, the sculptures displayed
throughout the gardens include The Moon Through the Trees, Three Landscapes and Twin Trees.
Henry Bianchini (1935 -) Born - San Diego, California
Henry Bianchini has been a resident of Hawaii since 1969, and his sculptures depict the interactions
of people, which demonstrate the similarities of human behavior common to all cultures. His
sculpture, Dancers, is exhibited in the garden facing the entrance to the Haleakala Ballroom.
Sean K.L. Browne (1953 -) Born - Hilo, Hawaii
Sean K.L. Browne studied marble carving in Italy and received a Fullbright Fellowship to study
sculpture in Japan. His works, metal and stone sculptures often reflect Hawaiian motifs. The Wa’u
Pohaku (Stone Scrapper) and Manu Lei (Bird pendant) are exhibited in the gardens.
Edward Brownlee (1929 -) Born - Portland, Oregon
A resident of Hawaii for 20 years, Edward Brownlee specializes in architectural sculpture. His aim is
to enhance the environment of public building spaces and enrich the public’s awareness and
appreciation of visual art. His most visible sculpture at the Grand Wailea Resort is his dolphins
leaping out of the Reflecting Pool called Nai’a Kauhulu (Gathering of Dolphins).
Yvonne Cheng (1941 -) Born - Java, Indonesia
Yvonne Cheng has been a familiar figure in the art world in Hawaii, and her batiks are found in every
major public collection in the islands. The two main pieces on the grounds are the stained glass walls
in the Seaside Chapel, Beginnings, and the mosaic, Crossroads, outside the formal main dining room.
A number of her works are displayed in guestrooms and suites.
Jan Fisher (1938 -) Born - Westwood, California
Sculptor Jan Fisher fell in love with the Polynesian people while spending three years in Samoa.
Bronzes of beautiful Polynesian men and women are spread throughout the resort, such as Three
Male Hula Dancers, Three Female Hula Dancers and Mermaid in the front entrance and Spear
Fisherman in the lagoon on which the famed Polynesian resort restaurant Humu Humu lays.
ALSO: Herb Kawainui Kane / Ting Shao Kuang / Zhou Ling / Jennifer Markes / Wayne Miyata / Douglas Riseborough / Esther Shimazu / Ken Shutt / Shige Yamada