Spa Industry Trend: The Influx of Men

LEXINGTON, Ky. - As the voice of the spa industry since 1991, the International SPA Association (ISPA) continually tracks trends among spas and consumers.  By compiling research from its 1,900 members, ISPA is tracking the industry trend of men as spa goers.
ISPA spa members report that 28 percent of their clients are men.  “It is important for men to feel comfortable in a spa environment,” said ISPA Executive Director Lynne McNees, explaining what spas are doing to attract men.  “Because of this, spas offer separate changing and waiting areas for male and female clients, the men’s waiting areas often feature men’s magazines and TVs and treatments for men typically use scents that are more ‘manly’ instead of feminine.”
At the end of March, ISPA conducted an informal poll of its spa members on the popularity of spa visits among men.  The main information learned from the poll is as follows:
á Overwhelmingly, the No. 1 treatment for both men and women is the massage.  The popular types of massage for men vary from sports recovery to therapeutic.  ISPA members also say pedicures and facials are requested frequently by male clients. 
á Many ISPA members report they are using products designed specifically for men.
á Spas are finding creative ways to market to potential male clients:
Þ Advertisements in men’s magazines Þ Golf/spa and tennis/spa packages Þ Bachelor parties at the spa Þ Rewarding double “referral points” to customers who refer new male clients Þ Special promotions encouraging women to bring in their spouses/boyfriends Þ Men-only nights at the spa Þ Highlighting men’s treatments on the menu of services

á ISPA spa members are changing a few things in their facilities to attract men:
Þ Signature services for men Þ Warm, “earthy” colors in the spa Þ Offering more “athletic” type fitness classes Þ Different colored robes for the sexes Þ Hiring a mix of male/female employees and therapists Þ Special instruction such as golf clinics and exercise consultations

The ISPA 2002 Spa Industry Study will offer updated statistics on the number of men going to spas.  The study, prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers, will be available in September.
For 11 years, ISPA has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry.  ISPA’s membership is comprised of 1,900 health and wellness facilities and providers from 55 countries.  Since 1991, ISPA has been committed to forming and maintaining alliances that will educate, set standards, provide resources, influence policy and build coalitions for the industry. ISPA’s vision is to revitalize humanity, and its mission is to educate the public about the value of the spa experience and engage its participation.