Hiking and Biking and More at The Hills

“We are looking forward to incredible hiking and biking over the 200 kilometres of prepared trails this year. Visit with nature over the vast 20,000 acres of wilderness terrain.  Take a leisurely evening stroll and see the incredible Cariboo sunset or maybe a guided afternoon hike up a nearby mountain overlooking the endless forests and meadowlands. From easy walking trails to the more difficult mountain hikes, we offer one of the best hiking venues in Canada.”

“Biking is also on the menu, challenging mountain trails and many downhill rides, testing even the most experienced riders.  However, with all that is out there, even the novice rider can enjoy the scenery and peacefulness of the great Cariboo plateau. With a warm, dry summer forecasted, we are excited to be able to offer the best hiking and biking experiences of all time.”
“Research indicates that anywhere from 60 - 95% of disease has its foundation in stress.  Managing stress is an inside-out job.  While you may see the importance of physical exercise and spa pampering, we encourage you to de-stress, and buff up from the inside out.”

“Mounting research indicates that the way we choose to emotionally and mentally respond to the demands of todays rat race has a direct correlation with what shows up in our bodies physically.”
“Here at The Hills we are expanding the opportunities to enhance your mind-body effectiveness through new workshops and private consultations. We give you awareness of the mind-body connection, and practical tools to live your life in a balanced way. Were committed to not only buffing you from the outside, but buffing you from the inside out!”
“The Cariboo is the place to be for springtime birding. While not on an official flyway, the variety and number of birds are staggering.”

“During your morning stroll in a chance look upward you can see a pair of swans glowing in the morning sun, whispering love songs to each other. Turn around to watch a bald eagle soaring silently in its quest for breakfast.”

“Hoards of juncos rise up before you in a flash of black and white, protesting the interruption.  Even the smallest ponds and saturated fields are alive with mallards, widgeons, buffleheads, goldeneyes, Canada geese, coots, and ruddy ducks. At the waters edge sandpipers probe through the heavy mud, while the prehistoric cries of the sandhill cranes echo across the hills as mated pairs greet each other.”


“A day of birding can easily net up to 40 different species, with early morning and evenings the optimum times for spotting and listening.”
“Join one of our experienced guides for an easy, relaxing walk to explore nature. Discover what is lying at your feet, and learn how common plants were used as medicines, tonics, and food sources.”

“There is a myriad of plants, soil types, birds, insects and mammals all around you - from juniper bushes on rocky open areas to tiny mosses and mushrooms gaining toeholds in damper areas. Drink in the scent of pine trees brought to you by a gentle breeze while discovering the wild orchids pushing up through the forest litter. Learn what plant provides everything from wine to coffee, and which one has a tropical flavour to it.”

“These easy-going, informative walks are the perfect end to the day, so be sure to sign up at the front desk!”