Colors Brighten Guests Up at Ihilani Spa

KO OLINA, Hawaii (2002)å- The colors of the rainbow have touched down upon the Ihilani Spa and the pot of gold for guests is the spaå‘s new Thalasso Treatment with Color Light Therapy.
Color light therapy, the latest scientific rediscovery of ancient healing wisdom, uses color to change or maintain vibrations of the body.  Each color of the spectrum has its own specific frequency that corresponds to one of the body’s seven Chakras - the seven energy centers in man that govern our state-of-mind, energy level and overall health.  For instance, the color red invokes power, audacity and energy.  It fights fatigue, fear and anxiety by replenishing vitality and rebuilding self-confidence.
By familiarizing themselves with the specific healing properties associated with each of the seven colors, guests can actively, sensually and joyfully advance on the path to the ideal state of balance and wellness they desire.
“People are now relearning the potent healing powers of color,” said Robin Desha, spa director of the Ihilani Spa.  “In ancient times, spirituality and medicine were two facets of the same science, designed to treat both the inner and outer aspects of man.  These days, we are moving back to that holistic way of thinking, recognizing that any effective healing is one that reaches the whole individual: mind, body and soul.”
With the Ihilani Spa’s Thalasso Treatment with Color Light Therapy, the healing powers of color and water are merged to rejuvenate guests.  Newly replaced thalasso treatment baths in the men and women’s areas provide guests with underwater massages from a series of hydro and air jets.  These jets automatically cycle through six different areas of the body, from feet to shoulders.  The strength of the jets may also be adjusted to fit each individual’s needs. 
Ocean water, which is pumped directly from the resort’s lagoons and softens skin with all its essential minerals, is accentuated with aromatherapy oils that boost the healing power of the color rays.  Guests may choose from detoxification, serenity, vital energy and anti-stress oils.
Throughout the thalasso treatment, color is beamed out from underwater and directed toward the guest.  Depending on the guest’s preference, one color may be shown throughout, or a number of colors may be rotated.
The 25-minute Thalasso Treatment with Color Light Therapy is $60, exclusive of tax and gratuity.
Guests also have access to the fitness lanai (complete state-of-the-art weight/cardiovascular workout equipment, lap pool and fitness and wellness classes) and relaxation lounge (steam, sauna, needle shower pavilion, roman pool, relaxation lanai, spa wardrobe and wonderful personal amenities). 
For more information or reservations, please call (808) 679-0079 ext. 2421.
The Ihilani Spa is a full-service resort spa on Oahu’s sunny western shore, offering services and treatments that are uniquely part of the Hawaiian tradition and lifestyle, using products harvested from the honua (earth) and the moana (ocean) here in the islands.  The resort location, along one of Hawaii’s most spectacular reefs, ensures an excellent supply of the essential island ingredients.