DestinationsHealth: Health Care for the 21st Century

“The spa is the ideal environment in which to practice true integrative medicine.”

Dr. Florence Comité Associate Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

DestinationsHealth, a pioneering health care service based in New Haven, Connecticut, is now open at Spa Ojai.

Dr. Florence Comité, founder of the Women`s Health program at Yale University School of Medicine, has brought together a team of health professionals to offer a unique program that blends sophisticated medical assessments with nutrition, physical therapy and psychology, plus complementary therapies like aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and healing spa treatments.

“With its emphasis on life enhancement and holistic healing, the spa provides a relaxing and supportive environment in which to practice rigorous academic medicine,” says Dr. Comité. “Together with the client, we focus on prevention to build a path toward wellness and longevity.”


Working with the individual to design a customized health care strategy according to his or her medical, genetic, psychological and lifestyle history, DestinationsHealth at Ojai presents each client with a personalized Comprehensive Health Portfolio, a written plan of action for achieving well-being and longevity. Some individuals want to solve a health challenge like high cholesterol, while others seek to avert conditions such as breast cancer, osteoporosis or heart disease that may run in the family.

After completing an extensive health survey and submitting copies of individual medical records that are then reviewed by the medical team, each DestinationsHealth client at Ojai undergoes a complete medical exam, including blood tests. A mind/body workout and personalized exercise program, a private consultation with a nutritionist, and selected spa treatments or activities follow.

The core program is conducted over two days, which allows time to take advantage of other resort activities. Shorter, individual consultations are also available, including a cardiac workup, cosmetic dermatological procedures, acupuncture and bone density testing.

For additional information, appointments and rates, please call DestinationsHealth at 800-709-7019.