Brenner`s: New Restaurant Concept

As from Spring 2002, Guests at Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa will enjoy a completely novel gastronomic selection of dishes to choose from.

Rudolf Pellkofer still remains our No. 1 in the Brenner kitchens. The new Sous-Chef is Andreas Krolik, who has decided to leave the *star restaurant “Tigerpalast” in Frankfurt, to assist the Brenner Executive Chef.

For the first time in its history, the Grand Hotel is offering a separate Gourmet Restaurant accommodating 45 guests. The outstanding quality of the cuisine and service, exquisite décor and the unique position in the park make this venue a focal point for gourmets from all over the world.

A further jewel in the Brenner’s crown is the new Winter Garden with some 40 seats that allows the guest to appreciate the Brenner Park throughout the entire year. The front section fringing the park can be opened up to take advantage of summer temperatures. The bill-of-fare will differ from the one in the Gourmet Restaurant as well as the décor and ambiente.

Guests have access from both restaurants to the new Oleander Bar, which forms the centrepiece of the hotel. Guests who come to relax in the forenoon, for afternoon coffee or for a drink and a chat in the evening all feel equally at home here.


The separate Breakfast Restaurant accommodates around 80 persons and is also available for guests attending conferences to enjoy their midday and evening meals. It has a terrace, which provides the opportunity to breakfast in the open.

The new Salon next to the Gourmet Restaurant provides space for small banquets involving ten to 15 persons. All sectors will be served directly from the New Kitchen, which is centrally located at restaurant level. However, the preparatory work will continue to be carried out in the “operations centre” down in the basement. After all, if the members of staff responsible for serving guests have to cover shorter distances, this is obviously advantageous both in terms of service and food.

Thus the maxim “a Grand Hotel becomes younger” also applies to Brenner gastronomy. The No. 1 priority as far as the new gastronomic concept is concerned still continues to be unswerving concentration on prime quality in cuisine and service.