Canadian Destination Spa Offers Blend of Adventure and Pampering

The Hills Health Ranch, located near 100 Mile House, British Columbia, is uniquely situated on 20,000 acres of pristine Canadian wilderness and working ranchlands, providing a venue for everything from Grizzly Bear Tours to Grapeseed Scrubs.

For the adventure and challenge seeker, The Hills Health Ranch offers a wide variety of vacation packages and activities. This fall sees the launch of the Grizzly Bear Watching Tour, in which guests are taken by a private plane to view grizzly bears in their natural, unspoiled habitat under the leadership of a highly experienced outdoor guide.

From the safety of a jet boat, witness the raw power of adult grizzlies defending their “fishing hole” from other grizzlies and the occasional black bear. Bald and golden eagles also congregate en masse to join in the feast.  The day concludes with guests returning in time for dinner.

Another addition this year is the Ancient Rain Forest Tour.  Guests enjoy a short flight on a private plane to the largest fjord lake in the world.  From here, a moderate hike enables guests to explore and experience the incredible diversity of this living treasure.  Guests can stand in the shadow of 1,000 year old interior cedar trees, hear migratory songbirds, kneel to admire rare and delicate wildflowers, view mountain vistas and waterfalls and learn about the incredible natural history of one of the world`s special places.

For those wanting a purely physical challenge, The Hills Health Ranch offers Wilderness Adventure Programs, in which guests will safely experience first-hand the rugged beauty of the Canadian wilderness under the guidance of a fully qualified Outdoor Fitness Specialist.  Led by a personal fitness trainer, guests can choose from daily wilderness canoeing, hiking or mountain biking, and in winter cross-country skiing.


There is action and adventure during the winter months as well, with downhill skiing on The Hills Health Ranch`s own ski hill, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dogsledding, tubing, outdoor ice skating and cross-country skiing (guided or unguided) over 125 miles of some the best groomed and tracked runs in North America.

The Hills Health Ranch also offers an outstanding array of spa treatments, including the Grapeseed Scrub with Rose Hip Oil, which is only one of several of the Signature Rose Hip Oil Treatments.  The Rose Hip Oil is derived from the 100% organically grown wild rosehips found on the property.  For an extra special treat, try The Hills Deep Nourishing Relaxing Facial Treatment, complete with a hand mask and foot vibration massage while you relax with a facial mask.

Other pampering treatments include the Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Wrap, with customized essential oils relieving stress and improving circulation from top to bottom.  To top off an active, action-packed day, indulge in the Swedish Rose Hip Relaxation Full Body Massage, providing extreme relaxation while feeding the skin`s vital nutrients and vital anti-oxidants to nourish and protect the entire body. As well, there are deluxe facial treatments, hydrotherapy treatments,  make-up consultation and application, hair and scalp treatments, and much more.

Guests will also be treated to outstanding gourmet meals, (featured on The Food Network`s “The Best of…Spa Cuisine”), all nutritionally balanced, calorie-counted and low in fat.

The Hills Health Ranch remains deeply committed to providing spa-goers with a harmonious human environment, ensuring that whatever type of holiday guests have in mind, they will leave with a memorable spa vacation experience.

The Hills Health Ranch opened in June of 1985, envisioned and designed as the first year round health and fitness vacation resort built in Canada. Since then, The Hills Health Ranch has continued to create innovative health and wellness programs and packages that teach guests new ways to improve their overall well-being for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

For more information on wellness vacation programs, contact The Hills Health Ranch at 250-791-5225, fax 250-791-6384, e-mail [email protected] or visit our web site at .