New Age Health Spa combines ancient influences with a contemporary spa setting.

New Age Health Spa is set on 270 acres in the Catskill Mts. of New York, land once inhabited by Native American Indian tribes. New Age has made a concerted effort to honor these early inhabitants by incorporating Native American influences into their contemporary spa environment. Each building on the property, for example, carries an Indian name. Guests at the spa may find themselves checking in at the “Seneca” office building, staying in the “Mahican” guest lodge and participating in classes in the “Cayuga” yoga & meditation center.

Additionally, New Age Health Spa offers several programs of Native American origin. Sweat lodges are offered monthly April through November. Participants in this purification ritual enter a low-to-the-ground, circular structure constructed from willow branches and covered in tarps. Hot stones are brought into the center of this dark womb-like environment in four rounds. Heat builds while the participants chant, sing, tell tales and sweat in the process of releasing emotional and physical toxins.
Ceremonial drumming is also a favored activity at New Age Health Spa. Robert Friedman, president of Stress Solutions Inc. and author of “The Healing Power of the Drum-A Psychotherapist Explores the Healing Power of Rhythm”, offers drumming workshops to spa guests as means to reduce stress in their lives.
For additional information and reservations, call New Age Health Spa at 800-682-4348 or log onto New Age Health Spa is located in Neversink NY, just a 2-hour drive from the New York Metropolitan area.