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Golf to the Fore

Robert Allard has recently been appointed resident golf professional at Champneys Health Resort & Spa where he will provide private and group coaching sessions to Champneys Club members and guests at the resort.

Robert began playing golf at aged 11 years. His career has included many successes as an amateur golfer as well as representing his county, Hertfordshire, in numerous events. Robert has won two coveted events, the Mail on Sunday Classic in France at the Faygate course and the ‘Dai Rees’ Bowl Scratch Open.

In addition, Robert can arrange for guests to play at local gold hotel, Stocks. Just 5 minutes from Champneys, this picturesque course is over 7,000 yards long and presents a wonderful test of golf for all levels with large greens but few bunkers.

Minerals & Miracles


Inspired by movie actresses and models who often have to wear a week`s worth of make-up in a day, Jane Iredale created a revolutionary skin care make-up collection that is now available at Champneys.

The range is not produced in the same way as conventional make-up. It is a blend of natural earth minerals and pigments that are pulverised to form microscopic flat crystals. These overlap each other to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally whilst still protecting it from airborne pollutants. It is completely pure and cannot damage the skin or cause allergic reactions. A great advantage is that it covers almost anything without looking thick or clogging and is ideal to use after surgery.