More nett fares available in farex

ABACUS International, Asia-Pacific`s largest Global Distribution System, has added more enhancements to its FareX system.
FareX is ABACUS` innovative online nett fares management and distribution system.
A new version of the FareX system was introduced in phases in September and December last year.
Among the many enhancements, Published Fare Basic Code for PNR Pricing, Stopover Table and Combination of Nett Fares have the most impact for
travel agencies. Thanks to the extra system checks built in by these enhancements,  travel agents can now auto-price and ticket more accurately and without any manual intervention.
Published Fare Basic Code for PNR Pricing allows travel
agencies to issue nett fare tickets with all the required restrictions, regardless
of the gross fares requirements.
With Stopover Table in place, travel agencies can issue nett fare tickets with stopover changes, which the FareX system automatically
adds to the total nett fares.
Combination of Nett Fares enables travel agencies to price more varied itineraries, including mixed classes of service and mixed
Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) involving different nett fare amounts.
These new enhancements on the FareX system allow the airlines to update more, if not all, of their nett fares into the system for travel
agents to retrieve.
Today nine airlines? British Airways, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Garuda Indonesia, EVA Airways,  Philippines Airlines, Royal
Brunei Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Vietnam Airlines? participate in
FareX to manage, distribute and update “live” nett fares online quickly and efficiently. Hundreds of travel agencies in six major ABACUS markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, are using FareX.
ABACUS Vice-President for FareX Line of Business, Rogelio Sarreal, said:
“With the support of more airlines distributing their nett fares in FareX, travel agencies can now enjoy   guaranteed nett fares automatically, making retrieval of fares a breeze.”
Cathay Pacific`s Marketing & Sales Manager, Benjamin Khoo, added: “We believe that by updating our nett fares in ABACUS` FareX system, we
have a wider distribution reach, thus cutting our distribution costs. It`s
also an efficient tool where
changes can be updated immediately and distributed instantaneously.``
More than 120 Singapore travel agents attended a half-day FareX seminar on 16 May. Executives from Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, EVA Airways,  Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei
Airlines, Philippines Airlines, SilkAir and Singapore Airlines were also
Guests watched a presentation on the benefits of FareX and a product demo as well. The interactive seminar also gave travel agents the opportunity to try their own hand at auto-pricing and ticketing.