Canadian E-Travel site raises the bar on Expertise

Travel Without Borders - No longer will the travelling public be restricted to local travel agents who may not have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise that is required for the traveller’s specific wants and needs - they can now go where they will find Showcase Experts for specific travel destinations and activities.
This new website questions the proliferation of so-called Travel Specialists who have often been appointed by travel product sellers, destination marketers and tour operators and who do not necessarily qualify as expert travel consultants but only as specialist product sales agents. “The proliferation of ‘specialists’ lowers the standards of the retail travel industry"says Janice Hemsley, one of the developers of this new e-travel venture, “our goal is to cover each destination and activity by at least 4 Showcase Experts and then we will be on track to becoming one of the leading retail travel websites in North America offering the discerning traveller real quality and expertise in travel consulting”. One distinct difference about is that you cannot make a booking or reservation with them as they are not agents and do not associate with any retail travel agency. This site is about offering the travel consumer the ultimate resource for expertise by offering a selection from many thousands of retail travel consultants (Showcase Experts) and many thousands of retail travel agencies across Canada and soon the USA.
Participation is by ’nvitation only’ at a cost of $500cad which will allow each expert toshowcase their expertise over 3 destinations, 3 activities, 3 cruise ships and 3 cruise regions. All must have ‘been there, done that - got the t-shirt’ Advertising is underway in 7 major Canadian newspapers and in some selected travel magazines - as more experts join the program so the advertising will expand to meet the demands of travellers and Showcase Experts. After the launch in Canada the program will be taken to the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.