iSeatz Aloha Interface

Aloha Technologies, makers of the Aloha line of point-of-sale software and services, has announced an agreement with to offer Internet-based reservation service to Aloha`s customers.
The reservation notification system will interface with Aloha`s Back Office system, allowing for instant notification of new reservations to Aloha restaurateurs using the service. The company`s reservation management tools will also be added to Aloha`s award- winning, web-based enterprise management system, Aloha As an add-on feature, will bring extra value to these solutions by providing Aloha customers with an award-winning web-based reservation system.
In addition, development is currently underway to enable to directly interact with Aloha`s award-winning point-of-sale software. “iSeatz`s full integration with our TableService POS will be realized in the future,” said Manny Negreiro, president and CEO of Aloha Technologies. “This is an opportunity to revolutionize reservation technology.” is the leading provider of online restaurant reservations, with over 600 member restaurants in the United States and Canada, including world- renowned eateries such as Arnaud`s in New Orleans and Four Seasons in New York City. The company was recently awarded the first-ever Tulane University Freeman Venture Capital Forum Best Business Plan Award.
“Aloha is very excited to enter into a partnership with this innovative company,” said Negreiro. “Bringing together our state-of-the-art Aloha ASP solution with`s superior online reservation system is a win-win situation for everyone, particularly the restaurateurs and their customers. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with”