New Management Tool from Continental

Continental Airlines recently launched the RewardOne Travel Manager, a full-service, online travel management tool for small and mid-sized businesses.
With the RewardOne programme, smaller companies that choose Continental Airlines for business travel are rewarded with bonuses based on accumulated points earned when their employees fly.
The RewardOne Travel Manager provides travellers with the ability to choose from thousands of hotels, rental cars and flights. Customers can choose from all Continental fares, including online promotional offers, as well as reserve travel on other airlines.
Customers can tailor the RewardOne Travel Manager to their needs by setting their air, car and hotel preferences. Other profile information such as seating and meal preferences, frequent flyer numbers, and credit cards are also securely stored, increasing ease and convenience for business travelers. In addition, travel managers are able to track company travel with online reports.
RewardOne works hand-in-hand with Continental`s OnePass frequent flyer program. Business travel is tracked by the employee`s OnePass number. Therefore, the employees are earning valuable OnePass miles while the company earns RewardOne points for qualifying flight segments. The RewardOne program is available for companies in the United States, Canada, and Latin America with less than 1,000 employees. However, the RewardOne online Travel Manager is only available for U.S.-based companies.