Acquisition Fosters New Technology In Hotel Industry

SRS-WORLDHOTELS, a portfolio of nearly 400 hotels spanning 65 countries, has announced the acquisition of Hotel RFP Solutions, the leading technology for Electronic Request For Proposals, from JBH Travel Audit, Inc.
As an innovator in hotel technology, Hotel RFP Solutions will further foster new sales technology in the hotel industry and provide valuable resources for individual hotels, major hotel groups and hotel consortia.
Hotel RFP Solutions will be integrated into Nexus World Services, a new cutting- edge sales technology company that has been formed by SRS-WORLDHOTELS. As a subsidiary of SRS-WORLDHOTELS, Nexus World Services will operate from its dedicated main office in Denver, providing all hotel clients absolute security and protection of proprietary data. The new company will oversee management of web-based Hotel RFP Solutions while also further developing tools for the hotel industry including a data collection module and a single platform sales account management system. Future plans include the creation of an interface to an automated rate loading module and a web-based consortia RFP module.
Hotel RFP Solutions was originally developed for the individual hotelier and hotel chains as a way to ease the management of the corporate RFP process as designated by the National Business Travel Association (NBTA). The basis for the content of Hotel RFP Solutions is NBTA`s standardized RFP form, both the established form and the newer form recently released by NBTA, which allows hotels to use the tools that they are familiar with while making the RFP process faster, more flexible and easier to navigate. Additionally, it offers a “Corporate Viewer” that facilitates a hotel group`s management, initiation and monitoring of the RFP process within its regional sales offices and member properties by providing a complete overview of activity. With a network of almost 400 hotels worldwide, SRS-WORLDHOTELS offers three highly recognisable collections of hotels, including “The Deluxe Collection,” hotels of refined elegance an luxurious comfort; “The First Class Collection,” hotels of casual elegance, superior class and high quality; and “The Comfort Collection,” hotels characterised by a casual ambiance, intimate atmosphere and moderate price.