Free Flights from Ryanair?

, always a carrier with the capacity to surprise, is floating the idea of free flights, subsidised by the proceeds of in-flight sales.
While most of the airline`s revenue comes from ticket sales, a lot of money is made from in-flight sales as well as ancillary travel deals. Michael O`Leary, Ryanair`s dynamic chief executive has been reported as saying that there is no reason for Ryanair to charge fares; if the airline makes enough money from other services and cuts costs, they will make flights free.
Mr. O`Leary hopes that at least 10% of flights will be free within the next 3 years.
He cites the example of cinema multiplexes, which make most of their money from the sale of refreshments and not from cinema tickets. The airline is also planning to put live television, video and Internet access on their planes that would, it is estimated, bring in £9 million ($12.74m, EUR14.6m) revenue annually.