Expedia Awards

Expedia.com received honours and recognition from PC World, Revolution Magazine and the International Federation of Information Technology and Tourism (IFITT). These awards highlight the travel site`s leadership, ease-of-use, superior customer experience and industry-leading marketing initiatives.
In PC World`s June 2001 issue, the magazine unveiled its picks for the hottest online booking sites rating Expedia.com at the top of the list and a “Best Buy” for its ease-of-use, booking flexibility and technical sophistication. “For complex itineraries involving more than one stop, Expedia is [PC World`s] pick, thanks to the variety of options it gives you for sorting your results.”—PC World, June 2001 Revolution Magazine, a leading marketing publication for the digital economy, honored Expedia for its outstanding achievements in digital marketing over the past year. Expedia took home The Revolution Award, the top award presented to the company who made the best overall use of digital media in its business. Expedia also won the Best Online Retailer award for the company`s effectiveness both in reaching their desired target audience and in generating the necessary response and awareness.
According to the Revolution Awards judges, “Expedia.com is not just a successful retailer. It is an online business that has in a few years become one of the leading global travel services, competing as successfully against brick-and-mortar rivals as it does against dot-com competitors ... Through attention to detail, obsessive customer service and the marketing equivalent of a battleship full of weaponry, Expedia has helped to make the internet a leading channel for the sale of travel products.”
Rounding out the recognition of Expedia as the best online travel site, Expedia was selected as Best Website in the Travel Agency, Tour Operator and Cruise category, by the International Federation of Information Technology and Tourism (IFITT), during its Enter 2001 conference in Montreal. These awards, sponsored and organized by interactive agency Nurun, were designed to promote and reward excellence in Web creation and development on an international level, and to serve as a reference point for the tourism and new technologies industries. The judges were composed of respected members from the Canadian and worldwide tourism and IT industries, as well as members of the World Tourism Organization.