European Passes Through RailSaver Site

Thanks to Wandrian`s, it`s easy to find the European rail pass to suit you.
While many websites help plan airline and hotel reservations,
is the first virtual travel consultant to tackle the confusing assortment of European rail passes.
Travellers are bombarded by numerous rail pass options listed in guidebooks, travel agent brochures, and other websites. For 2001, there are over 5,000 different rail passes for customers to choose from (for different regions, group sizes, classes of service, and durations). Trying to figure out, for example, whether it`s better to buy a Eurail pass, or a Eurail Select pass, can leave a person feeling lost before their trip even begins.
“ revolutionises rail pass selection in the same way online air travel sites revolutionised airline ticketing,” explains creator and avid rail rider Daniel Pohl. “The traveler no longer sorts through the mind-numbing array of choices. If the Eurail Select pass is not ideal for a trip, the traveler does not need to know about it. cuts through the clutter.”
Travellers using simply enter their itinerary and various travel preferences. then searches thousands of rail pass and point-to-point ticket options to find the best combination for that particular traveler and trip.
Users can choose between first and second-class travel, or indicate if they prefer railpasses rather than point-to-point tickets. Some travellers demand the convenience and flexibility of a rail pass. Other travellers simply want the least expensive option. also offers European train schedules and answers to common questions about European rail travel and rail passes. Rail pass prices are strictly regulated by the European railroads. A Europass, for example, will cost the same price wherever a traveller purchases it. saves travellers money by helping them single out the best European rail pass for their itinerary. Over one million travellers use European rail passes each year. Wandrian is a Boston-based software development firm specialising in budget-travel related e-commerce initiatives.
“Having done a dry run on this new site, I can confirm that is likely to be a most useful resource for travellers to Europe. The input form is simple and provides for multi-citied itineraries with correct fares being returned very quickly.
RailSaver also covers Britain`s National Rail Network, not included in the EurailPass scheme and also has up-to-date schedules from the DB site, acknowledged to be a very accurate schedule source. Booking and purchasing facilities are available. All in all, an excellent step forward for rail passengers which vastly simplifies procedures for travelling on what is a very comprehensive system - Bob Barnes-Watts, eyefortravel”.