Internet Rebooking Services from Northwest

Northwest Airlines has introduced several new self-service rebooking features for E-Ticket customers using the Internet, wireless Internet, or self-service check-in products.
Customers who are using,, or are checking in via Check-In or an E-Service Center, are now able to voluntarily change their flight plans or confirm a new flights during irregular operations.
Self-service flight rebooking is available to customers who have purchased an E-Ticket on Northwest Airlines flights.
Customers with unrestricted fare E-Tickets, including WorldPerks award travel E-Tickets, can rebook themselves on another Northwest flight using, an internet-ready wireless phone via Sprint PCS Wireless Web, AT&T Digital PocketNet or other web browser services, PDAs such as PalmPilots using AvantGo or OmniSky web browser services or an Internet-ready pager. In addition, voluntary flight rebooking is available during check-in using Check-In or E-Service Centers at the airport.
Itineraries that qualify for this option will be highlighted when the customer views existing travel reservations on, through wireless phones or PDA/handheld devices. The customer is shown all qualifying flight choices on Northwest departing within 24 hours of their scheduled flight. If the customer chooses to change a flight, the reservation is confirmed and ready for check-in.
Should a customer`s flight be cancelled, that customer is alerted to the status proactively when they request flight and gate status or view their travel reservations. The service offers the customer a choice of a confirmed flight—automatically selected for them by Northwest`s proactive rebooking process—or up to three additional flight options. After a customer selects one of the options, the reservation is confirmed and ready for flight check-in through the Internet using Check-In, an airport E-Service Center or through a Northwest Airlines customer service agent.
Northwest also offers customers the opportunity to check real-time flight and gate status or view their reservation through Internet-ready wireless devices. In addition, Northwest WorldPerks Elite members can receive notification of first class upgrade status via their wireless phones, email pager, PDA/handheld device or voice message. To stay informed of any Northwest Airlines flight status, customers can sign up to be paged with current flight information through the “Flight Paging” option on their wireless phone or on