RCL Partner Booking Link

Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have launched a new Internet tool, Partner Booking Link, that provides online booking capabilities to customers who visit travel agency websites. The booking tool also allows travel agents to earn full commissions on all sailed bookings made through their website.
Partner Booking Link directs booked cruises to the travel agency used as the online gateway, while providing the travel agency with full commissions on all sailed bookings.
Travel agents must visit cruisingpower.com in order to enroll in Partner Booking Link. The website serves as a comprehensive resource for Partner Booking Link enrollment forms, instructions, information and materials. There also is a downloadable guide with easy, step-by-step instructions for creating links and colorful link buttons for use on the travel agent website. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity continually update their websites, therefore no maintenance time or effort is needed by travel agencies using Partner Booking Link.
Unlike similar online booking tools, which merely take customers to a cruise line`s home page, Partner Booking Link can link customers directly to information on specific ships and destinations, available on the Royal Caribbean or Celebrity websites. This feature makes gaining specific information quicker and easier for prospective cruise guests.
Customers have the option of submitting a credit card deposit online via Royal Caribbean`s or Celebrity`s secure websites; they may also place their cruise “on hold” and they will then contacted by the travel agency to obtain payment information.