Rand McNally Directions from Ultradata

Ultradata Systems, Inc. has launched its first products to feature driving directions provided by Rand McNally. The new handheld travel devices, TripLink and Pocket TripLink, allow travellers to download from the Internet address-to-address, turn-by-turn driving directions and provide information about highways and points of interest.
The TripLink product, available early next month, also contains information on more than 70,000 services along U.S. interstates such as gas, food, lodging, hospitals, and rest areas. In addition, the device provides exit numbers, direction, and distance from the interstate for specific services, and distance and driving time between towns on U.S. highways.
Consumers will be able to create multiple driving routes by visiting the TripLink section of the Rand McNally Web site and at the push of a button, the custom turn-by-turn driving routes are downloaded through a PC to the five-ounce, calculator-size handheld device, providing a portable navigation solution that is easy to use. Each specific route segment is clearly displayed, and the user can scroll through each turn of the route with the push of a button.