goStay Launch by Netpace

Netpace has announced the launch of its wireless travel solution utilising its goWare technology.
goStay is designed to keep busy travelers connected when they are on the road.
According to a recent study by Cap Gemini America Ernst & Young, it is projected the number of U.S. Internet users using cell phones for wireless data applications will increase from 3% in 2001 to 78% by the end of 2002.
goStay is a comprehensive, device independent wireless solution targeted for the Hotel Industry. With one-touch functionality, consumers can securely, conveniently, and remotely make reservations regardless of locality. goStay allows customers to view available accommodations, check pricing, and make reservations in real-time. Ensuring the highest level of customer service, goStay also provides complete CRM functionality.
By utilizing goStay, hotels can benefit from automated accommodations booking, reduced operational expenses, and increased channels of business.
Additionally, goStay offers a truly integrated loyalty and reservation system allowing hotels to stay connected with their customer`s needs and preferences further increasing customer value.