SmartSources Solution for Uniglobe
, an Internet technology and services company, announced that it has successfully deployed a strategic web presence for Uniglobe Travel (USA) and 91 of its franchisees.
The U.S. travel agency franchisor and each franchisee now have the benefit of a comprehensive turn-key travel portal infrastructure and content management solution, which aligns their travel agency website strategy with their overall relationship marketing strategy. Uniglobe Travel (International) now has 178 individually deployed kSites in three of its ten franchised regions worldwide, Western Canada, Great Britain/Ireland and the United States.`s unique content and knowledge management technology, known as kServer, allows companies to quickly assemble web sites and applications based on the company`s intelligent meta-data framework in a graphical environment. kServer is equipped with a user- friendly authoring interface, an intelligent search engine and shrink-wrapped applications (such as an e-commerce store front)—all of which can be configured to the specific needs of any organisation requiring an advanced web presence. Each participating UNIGLOBE franchisee pays a deployment and installation fee, as well as a recurring monthly fee based on the number of personal portals they elect to supply to their customers. A personal portal is a customised view of the web site or a Web page, which the subscriber can further personalise with content provided by the kSite. Protected by a user name and password, a client receives a personal portal that allows him or her to select and personalise value-added content from a menu of alternatives. Through name brand content partnerships, kTravel provides pre-packaged, ready-to-deploy content modules allowing for personalisation of information to the end-user such as weather, travel advisories, currency exchange rates, hotel links, mapping, and stock quotes, delivered to each personalised travel portal, as well as applications that provide for the travel agency operator to post local specials. For example, a client`s travel portal could display unique weather forecasts for their frequently traveled cities, their preferred hotels, email accounts and even horoscopes. In addition, the traveller could look for street maps, search the web, access business news and tools, view real time sports scores and more, all from their personal travel portal.