Sales Increase for Volando

Volando has achieved its marketing objectives for the first quarter of 2001 with sales of US $6.5 million.
During January, February and March, the traditionally low season for travel, Volando on-line sales increased at a monthly average growth rate of 60%. Also, Volando`s Brazil-based company partner Stella Barros, in the wake of the integration of its operations with Volando, registered a record March sales growth of 50% compared with the same period year earlier.
“Our first-quarter results reflect the importance of having a business model and operations in Latin America that combine a solid, off-line infrastructure supported by consumer-trustworthy travel companies such as Stella Barros, Aviatur, Turismo Maso Internacional, Viajes Verger and Corporate Travel Services, together with the strong technology platform provided by Volando that makes the user experience extremely easy,” commented Mr. Esteban Torbar, President & Chief Executive Officer of
Mr. Torbar also reported that, as part of the Stella Barros and consolidation, and to facilitate even greater service to travel consumers, Volando`s headquarters are being relocated from Miami Beach to Sao Paulo, Brazil. There, Volando and Stella Barros will occupy new headquarters.