book seat 2,000,000 online and win free flights for a year!

easyJet is offering free flights for a year for the person who books the 2 millionth seat online.

easyJet sold its very first seat over the Internet in April 1998. Eighteen months later, on 14 October 1999, the airline announced that it had sold one million seats online. But now, just a few months later, easyJet is approaching the two million seat mark, indicating a phenomenal acceleration in the growth of online sales for the airline, as the table of Internet sales below shows.

To celebrate this significant milestone, easyJet is offering unlimited free flights for one whole year to the person who purchases that lucky seat! The winner may fly to any easyJet destination, as frequently as they chose, at any time, for one whole year, subject to seats being available.

With the rate of Internet bookings increasing rapidly, this target will be reached soon. So to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, make sure you make your booking online in the near future!

With weekly Internet sales now accounting for up to 60% of all seat sales, easyJet can rightly claim to be the web’s favourite airline!


Use of the Internet for booking seats is fundamental to the easyJet business strategy, because it is an important way in which operating costs are kept down, which the airline passes on to customers in the form of lower fares. easyJet will continue its strategy of actively encouraging passengers to book through the web site by offering the best deals to those who get online. For example, new season flights will be launched exclusively on the web site for several weeks before being made available for telephone bookings.

Please ensure that you leave your full details when booking, including your email address and telephone number.

Internet sales: April ‘98 - Jan’00
month total seats as % of total
Apr98 187 0.1%
May 724 0.5%
Jun 5,390 3.4%
Jul 6,295 3.9%
Aug 9,798 6.0%
Sep 27,578 12.6%
Oct 22,266 9.6%
Nov 16,969 8.1%
Dec 11,695 8.2%
Jan99 31,768 12.7%
Feb 82,813 22.8%
Mar 76,623 25.6%
Apr 68,395 26.3%
May 72,927 29.1%
Jun 87,262 30.7%
Jul 92,414 30.7%
Aug 133,811 38.1%
Sep 149,238 36.7%
Oct 195,991 45.0%
Nov 190,983 47.5%
Dec 121,818 44.2%
Jan00 329,714 59.4%


The winner will be notified shortly after the two millionth seat has been sold, when the arrangements for booking prize flights will be explained.

The prize is awarded to the person who makes the booking that includes the sale of the two millionth seat. The prize applies to that person only, and does not extend to other persons, and is not transferable.

The winner can fly to any destination with easyJet as frequently as he or she wishes, at any time within a one-year period of being informed of their prize, subject to seats being available.

easyJet’s normal conditions of carriage apply at all times.