United Airlines - Anniversaries and Demonstrations

In 1926, Marilyn Monroe was born, impressionist painter Claude Monet died and United Airlines flew its first plane.
Although Marilyn and Monet are no longer with us, United celebrates 75 years of flying with Internet-only special deals. United NetWorks, a division of UAL Corp. has announced its “United 75th Anniversary” Internet-only fare sale, which allows travellers to save on both North American and international travel through the United website.
All travel must be completed by 14th June, 2001.
United NetWorks is a division of United NewVentures, a wholly owned subsidiary of UAL Corporation. United NetWorks is responsible for all strategy, operations, planning and support of United`s Web site, e-commerce applications and wireless initiatives that allow customers to get up-to-the-minute information from pagers, cell phones, or personal handheld computers. Additionally, United NetWorks oversees the partners of United`s Mileage Plus programme.
United Airlines` popular frequent flier programme Mileage Plus reaches a key milestone this week: its 20th anniversary.
Today`s Mileage Plus programme has reached these historic heights:—From fewer than 400,000 members in 1981 to more than 40 million members today worldwide;
—From 15 partners in 1988 to more than 100 in 2001;
—More than 1.9 million free-ticket awards flown on United Airlines in the year 2000.
The growth of Mileage Plus paralleling the growth of United Airlines has been a story of innovative marketing and targeted response to customer needs over the past two decades. Among the highlights down the memory lane of Mileage Plus have been the following:
The Early Days
—1981 - United launches Mileage Plus;
—1983 - Mileage Plus introduces the Premier programme to provide additional rewards and recognition for most frequent fliers;
—1984 - Enrollment reaches 2 million members;
—1985 - Mileage Plus introduces Executive level to its Premier programme providing an even higher level of recognition for the airline`s most frequent fliers;
—1985 - Mileage Plus introduces automated flight crediting upon check-in; The Late 1980s
—1986 - United launches Silver Wings programme for the senior market;
—1987 - Enrollment reaches 4.5 million members;
—1987 - Mileage Plus First card is launched. Credit card allows holders to earn miles on all credit card purchases;
The Early 1990s—1990 - Mileage Plus introduces a European award structure as the airline begins service to Frankfurt and Paris;
—1992 - Mileage Plus awards are introduced for Caribbean, Central and South America following United`s new service there;
—1992 - Due to success of the Premier programme for 25,000-mile fliers, Mileage Plus introduces its highest elite tier which later becomes known as Premier Executive 1K denoting customers flying United 100,000 miles a year;
—1992 - United introduces “Premier Seating” for Mileage Plus Premier members giving them preferential seats in the forward part of the cabin;
—1994 - Mileage Plus introduces the Rewards Miles Programme for corporations to purchase Mileage Plus miles to use in employee incentive programmes or for customers;
—1994 - Mileage Plus captures numerous awards for frequent flier programmes including “Best Frequent Traveler Airline Programme” from Inside Flyer magazine;
—1995 - Mileage Plus enrollment passes 18 million;
—1995 - Mileage Plus collects more awards including USA Today International Travel Award for “Best Frequent Flyer Programme;”
—1995 - United and Mileage Plus introduce Charity Miles to allow members to donate miles to participating charitable organisations; The Late 1990s
—1996 - Mileage Plus wins Best Frequent Flyer Programme from Business Traveler International Magazine;
—1997 - Mileage Plus introduces Million Mile Flyer Programme;
—1997 - Qualifying flight miles on Star Alliance partner carriers Air Canada, Lufthansa, SAS and Thai Airways begin to count toward achieving Premier status in Mileage Plus;
—1998 - Mileage Plus introduces College Plus, a programme designed specifically for the college traveller to accumulate and cash in miles;
—1999 - Mileage Plus introduces a non-expiring policy for members who have at least one account activity within a 36-month period;
—1999 - Mileage Plus introduces Personal Miles allowing members to purchase miles for their individual Mileage Plus accounts;
—1999 - United and Mileage Plus introduce E-Upgrades for members allowing upgrades for passengers on electronic (as opposed to paper) tickets;
The 21st Century
—2000 - Mileage Plus introduces My Mileage Plus, a personalised electronic communication providing mileage summary, news and partner offers via e-mail;
—2001 - Mileage Plus enrollment tops 40 million members worldwide;
—2001 - Mileage Plus celebrates 20 years.
Meanwhile, United`s flight attendants will be demonstrating in 10 U.S. cities today, 1st May. The demonstrations will include leafleting, picketing and CHAOS T-shirt walkabouts, where flight attendants in bright green CHAOS shirts will march through the airports and city streets to warn of possible strikes at the airline.
The flight attendants are moving forward with their strike plan, which was authorised by a 97% vote “FOR” a strike, should United unilaterally change the flight attendant contract by going forward with the proposed purchase of US Airways, without first getting an agreement on a waiver to the flight attendant contract.
The 26,000 United Airlines flight attendants are joined together in AFA, the world`s largest flight attendant union.