TripleHop Recommendation Engine Makes Tailored Service Available To More Than 30 Million Leisure Tra

TripleHop Technologies (, a provider of decision support tools and recommendation engines for web sites, call centers, intranets and voice portals, announced today that its patent-pending recommendation software, TripMatcher(tm), is now available to more than 30 million leisure travelers online via, the premier European vacation destination web site.
TripMatcher(tm), which is called “Destination Wizard” on the EuroVacations site, uses an advanced form of artificial intelligence to predict customer preferences while simultaneously building a rich behavioral profile about them. This Matching Engine(tm) technology powers a “recommendation engine” that will enable visitors to the EuroVacations web site to receive personalized recommendations about travel alternatives that are targeted to their specific interests.
“Traditionally, leisure travelers scroll through many different travel packages online, hoping to find a destination that suits all their decision criteria - activities, cost, convenience, and so on. Now, by just answering two to four questions, they are able to get suggestions that really match their preferences and bring them much closer to a purchase decision ... much faster,” said Bernard Frelat, President & CEO, In addition to TripMatcher(tm), EuroVacations uses a combination of proprietary tools and Broadvision`s personalization platform to deliver a unique user experience.
The EuroVacations web site serves North American travelers seeking European getaways. It is the only travel site offering fully custom designed, multi-destination vacation packages with real-time, online booking. As the featured European vacation partner on, EuroVacations is now able to provide even greater personalized service to the portal`s more than 30 million leisure travelers online through the use of TripMatcher(tm).
“By offering the more personalized recommendations made possible with TripleHop Technologies, EuroVacations should benefit from increased browser-to-buyer conversion rates,” said Clay Stobaugh, CEO, TripleHop Technologies. “In fact, we have clients who have proven that their users of TripMatcher(tm) are 70% more likely to buy than those who did not.”
Part of the decision to use TripMatcher(tm) was based on its easy integration with EuroVacation`s software partner BroadVision, which provides customer-, supplier- and partner-building applications.