Lufthansa file://eCommerce Selects Mercury Service

Lufthansa file://eCommerce GmbH has selected Mercury Interactive`s Topaz ActiveWatch, a round-the-clock service that accurately measures the Web site user experience from various points across the globe, to optimise its eCommerce websites.
Lufthansa file://eCommerce GmbH was launched last year to bundle all of Lufthansa`s Internet activities in a single company. The fast-growing spin-off currently employs 60 people. Its mission is to develop profitable, ground-breaking eCommerce solutions for Lufthansa itself, as well as for the airline`s partner companies and for other travel companies. ActiveWatch has been playing a key role in service level management at Lufthansa file://eCommerce GmbH since the start of the year. ActiveWatch, the eService variant of the Topaz solution, monitors complex online transactions in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer segments. Mercury Interactive is therefore able to offer companies worldwide a 24/7 monitoring, measurement and reporting service covering end-to-end response times for critical business processes.
Problems with eCommerce websites can be pinpointed in real time, enabling the availability of mission-critical applications, in Lufthansa`s case, the company`s InfoFlyway travel and service portal, for example, to be optimised constantly. If maximum access times are exceeded, this automatically triggers an alarm function so that corrective action can be taken before customers even notice the problem.
A solid Web infrastructure is essential if sites are to cope with growing volumes of traffic. Reliable hardware and powerful applications are a must: but the seamless interaction of all the different components is equally crucial.
ActiveWatch measures quality not on the basis of theoretical calculations, but on the end user`s hands-on experience - for example, when trying to hire a car online at a destination airport. Which is precisely why the system managers at Lufthansa file://eCommerce GmbH chose a performance monitoring solution that was specially designed for web applications, a solution that can permanently monitor business processes and response times from the user`s perspective.