Free Global Internet Access Trial

MaGlobe Inc., a company offering global Internet access service for the traveller, has announced a free trial programme for business and leisure travellers.
For a limited time, users who download MaGlobe`s prepaid global Internet access software will stay net-connected for free, without expensive long distance charges, from major international destinations, for up to 60 minutes. Anyone who tries MaGlobe`s hassle-free, one-step service will appreciate the convenient, universal, reliable access to their personal e-mail and other online services, no matter where they travel.
MaGlobe features the world`s first prepaid global Internet access, with online activation, truly simple access and easy renewal. Travellers just click on their current location, and an auto-dialer finds the nearest local dialup number. One click, and the user is on the Net, able to access existing e-mail accounts and other personal or business Internet services. Five thousand local access numbers around the globe make the service available from every major travel destination. By year`s end that number will swell by an additional 7,000 access numbers, providing local access from an expanding global network of cities.
MaGlobe`s prepaid global access begins at only $14.99 for MaGlobe Traveler. The one-hour free trial programme is available only at this basic service level. To qualify, the user must register with MaGlobe and submit valid credit information. Using more than 60 minutes of access, or failure to cancel by the end of the 30-day trial period, will constitute paid renewal of the MaGlobe account. The 60-minute free trial will more than cover most travellers` e-mail access needs during a typical vacation trip.
MaGlobe provides tiered service through three different products: Traveler, Globetrotter, and Enterprise. Each service package is available in a standard and a “plus” version, for a total of six different service levels that will suit any traveler`s needs. Prices range from $14.99 for Traveler to $499.99 for Enterprise Plus..