new £5 discount for easyJet online bookings

easyJet customers booking their tickets over the Internet will now receive a £5 discount per return journey. As the web’s favourite airline, easyJet was the first airline to offer a £2 reduction per return journey for online bookings, and is increasing this to £5 to further reward its customers using the Internet.

At present, some 50% of easyJet customers use the website to book their seats, a figure which has reached as much as 66% during a seven day promotional period in November 1999. By the end of the year, easyJet is aiming for a weekly average of 60% of bookings over the Internet - which will make it one of the biggest Internet retailers in Europe.

easyJet has made it a strategic priority to increase the number of Internet bookings, as it is a key factor in helping to keep prices low, and will continue to create new initiatives to encourage more passengers to book online.

The £5 discount per return journey is available from this afternoon, in the form of a £2.50 discount per one-way fare.