Restaurant Reservations Online Through Zagat

REZconnect, the patent-pending real-time net-to-phone-to-net service of, has partnered with Zagat Survey, the premier provider of consumer survey-based dining, lodging and leisure information, to offer users the opportunity to make online reservations at restaurants affiliated with REZconnect via a co-branded website.
With REZconnect`s technology, restaurants can receive web-generated reservations without changing the way they do business; the restaurant does not need a computer to interact with the web user - only a touch-tone phone. users can choose restaurants by location, type of cuisine, atmosphere, and other features and then click a link to make a reservation. When the digital reservation form is submitted, the information is converted into a telephone call to the restaurant. A recorded voice requests the reservation, prompting the reservationist to accept/decline and, if the requested reservation is available, enter a confirmation number on the phone keypad. The web user then sees a confirmation message and reservation summary on the computer screen. Re-confirmation e-mails are sent to all concerned as a reminder.
“We are delighted to provide our users with online reservations capabilities at restaurants that have not installed computerised reservation terminals,” said Ted Zagat, Director of Strategy and Business Development. “The combination of Zagat Survey content and REZconnect`s technology will provide users with an enhanced experience.”
The relationship with Zagat Survey represents another milestone for`s management team in implementing its strategic marketing plan, according to Stephanie Abrams, Executive Vice President of the public company. “Our goal is to turn quality content into quantifiable clients by bridging the gap between the web-enabled guest and hospitality providers whose business is done by telephone,” Abrams explained.
Michael Brent, President & CEO of eTravnet, describes the strategic alliance with Zagat Survey as, “a big win for REZconnect technology and for the dining public.” He explains, “The public has great confidence in the quality and reliability of Zagat content. We are very proud to have REZconnect linked to”