MADSearch Personalizes The Internet With`s Real-Time Communication Technologies

Tired of the elimination of customer service that the Internet has brought MADSearch, a web tool that assists meeting planners and provides an effective and interactive advertising venue to hotels and conference services providers, today announced an innovative feature to the properties and suppliers marketed on its site with, Inc.`s communication technologies. provides real-time sales and customer service technology allowing e-browsers the ability to initiate live person-to-person telephone contact without any special hookups. This customer relationship marketing technology allows online users to quickly and easily reach a live customer service representative on the telephone.
As part of an online advertising package, MADSearch places a Let`s Talk link on each hotel`s MADSearch page. Customers simply enter a phone number and request a response time to suit their needs (immediately, in five minutes or in 15 minutes). automatically calls the hotel and connects them to the on-line customer. ``The Internet provides a wealth of information and is a great research tool. But sometimes it doesn`t answer all your questions and you just want a warm voice at the end of the phone,`` said Gilda Steiger, vice president of MADSearch. ``By including as part of our marketing package to hotels, we provide the ability to personalize their relationship with a web visitor and extend their already service-oriented focus to the Internet.``
``Connectivity technologies are key to superior customer service and business success in today`s environment,`` said Steven Stripe, CEO of ```s Internet and telecommunication technologies give companies the ability to respond to their customers` needs, and build customer loyalty.``