Sabre enhances Virtually There Web site

Travelers who receive their itineraries through Sabre`s Virtually There Web site can now integrate their travel information with their desktop organizer calendar thanks to a deal with Infotriever Inc., a provider of electronic organization software.
“The Virtually There Web site continues to provide innovative tools that make managing travel plans more convenient for travelers,” said Nancy Raynor, senior vice president and general manager for Sabre Virtually There. “This marks the first of several noteworthy enhancements we have in store for Virtually There in the coming months.”
A new tool on the Sabre Virtually There Web site allows travelers to download travel itinerary details into their organizer calendars.
The addition of the Organizer Download travel tool will allow users of Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm OS, and Act 2000 to integrate their personalized trip plans from the Sabre Virtually There Web site with their desktop organizer.
“The addition of this new feature enhances the value travelers already receive from Sabre Virtually There,” said Marg Vaillancourt, president of Infotriever. “With the Organizer Download function, travelers no longer need to manually type trip plans into desktop calendars. The process is now fully automated.”
Last month, five air carriers, American Trans Air (ATA), Gulf Air, Hawaiian Airlines, National Airlines, and US Airways, singed with Sabre to provide co-branded versions of the Sabre Virtually There Web site to the airlines` customers.
The agreements enable each carrier to broaden the scope of their customer service initiatives by offering real-time itinerary, travel information, and destination content to their travelers. Using Virtually There travelers who have booked through the airlines` Web sites or reservation centers can access their itineraries via the Internet, personal digital assistants or Web-enabled wireless phones. These agreements also broaden the global reach of Virtually There.
“Combined these carriers handle more than 90 million travelers a year,” Raynor said. “We believe the customers of each of these airlines will benefit from the real time access to their itinerary and destination information.”
Travelers can access Virtually There travel information by either clicking on the link to their itinerary after receiving it by e-mail from the carriers or accessing the Virtually There Web site.
Sabre Virtually There is available to travelers when they book their trip through a Sabre connected travel agent, online booking site, or participating travel supplier. Since its launch in November 1999, Virtually There has been used by 10 million travelers, has had more than 29 million site hits, including nearly 200,000 in a single day.
During a recent survey of Virtually There users, 93% of the respondents reported that they were satisfied with the site and 72% indicated that they were happier with their travel arranger as a result of having anytime access to their personal itinerary.