easyJet introduces pioneering Internet booking policy

From 1 May, easyJet is introducing a new policy regarding the way in which passengers can purchase their flights.

If the flight departs in more than two months from the day of booking, seats must be purchased over the Internet. If the flight departs within two months of the day of booking, it can be purchased by telephone as well as over the Internet.

As fares generally increase as the departure date gets closer this means that the cheapest fares will be first available to those who get online.

As one of the key pioneers of e-commerce, easyJet has aggressively pursued its strategy of offering incentives to encourage people to book their seats via the easyJet web site. Currently, 60% of easyJet seats are booked online, and the airline hopes to increase this to 70-75% by the end of the year.

The Internet is of such strategic importance to easyJet as it is the cheapest distribution channel. As a low cost operation, lowering the cost of doing business is essential to the airline’s ability to keep on offering great value fares to its passengers.