Better Access to Consolidator Fares

Amadeus` 55,000 travel agency locations worldwide can access consolidator fares, view fare rules and perform booking requests through a new, direct bypass to SCS Solars “Solarnet” application.
Amadeus will promote the usage of the Solarnet application to its agencies worldwide, who can access fare information for participating consolidators via Solarnet`s LiveLinx product, free of charge, eliminating timely telephone calls and hold times presently encountered in booking with a consolidator. Amadeus agencies will also benefit from access to Solarnet`s LiveLinx(x) PLUS product, which allows the agency to check flight availability, fare rules and transmit a booking request directly to participating consolidators that utilise the Amadeus GDS within their office location.
For consolidators, this is the second distribution method that Amadeus offers consolidators using the Amadeus system. In 2000, Amadeus introduced Amadeus Consolidator Link, a browser-based application that can be accessed via the @Amadeus travel agency e-business platform.