Sabena/Swissair Using Brightware

Brightware, a Firepond company, supplier of eCustomer Assistance software, has announced that Sabena and Swissair are using Brightware`s Concierge Web self-service solution to help handle online customer inquiries. Brightware is handling customer inquiries on both airlines` Web sites to offer faster, more consistent and more accurate service to customers.
Both sites have `e.guides`, meaning that visitors can ask questions in their own words and be automatically directed to the page on the site that best answers their questions. Because Concierge enables customers to find the answers they need on their own, it reduces the number of emails sent to the airlines` customer support service. As a result, Swissair and Sabena can now respond to inquiries in far less time and without a proportionate increase in the demands on staff.
Sabena and Swissair chose Brightware because it provides the most robust technology to handle the volumes of web inquiries that the two companies receive. Brightware was also chosen for its flexible and scalable Java architecture that enables Concierge to integrate easily with other technologies. This was an important consideration as the implementation is part of a wider strategy to improve online customer service at both airlines.