easyJet launches online flight arrivals information service

Meeting people from an easyJet flight? You can now find out the anticipated landing time using a new service on the easyJet web site.

The service allows people to find out exactly what time flights land, and details any variances against the scheduled arrival times. This new service will be useful for those needing to find out the status of a particular flight, or who are planning to meet incoming passengers at the airport.

easyJet is the first low-cost airline to introduce this innovation.

The new service is quick and straightforward to use. The system is automatically updated every five minutes so that the flight information given is always accurate. The service covers all easyJet flights, with arrival information quoted in local time depending on the airport concerned.

This initiative is just one of a number of new developments designed to improve the level of customer service offered online, and is part of the airline’s strategy of enhancing the performance of the web site overall.