Travelocity Celebrates Five New Innovations to Mark Its Fifth Birthday

To celebrate its first five years as the ultimate travel shopping and buying Internet site, reinforced its leadership position with the announcement of five new innovations.
These enhancements include:

1) GoodBuy, which expands upon the already successful Value program,
2) Travelocity Preferred Traveler, a travel club designed for the online
traveler that includes perks and discounts worldwide,
3) an online Travelocity
Vacations brand,
4) Option Finder, which advises members about alternate dates
and cities where lower fares may be available, and
5) the
World MasterCard.
“We are very excited to be celebrating five years of successful business
on the Internet and once again be providing our customers with innovative
product offerings designed to make their travel shopping experience easy and fun,” said Terrell B. Jones, president and chief executive officer of Travelocity. “In the next five years, Travelocity plans to continue
leading the online travel industry - which is expected to grow to $33 billion
by 2005 - with our unparalleled combination of a powerful shopping system,
large membership database, strong partnerships and national brand recognition
that allow us to sell more travel than any other travel site.”
New site enhancements unveiled included:
* GoodBuy Program: Travelocity`s GoodBuy program greatly improves on the already successful Value Program to include a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one set of fare options, more hotel properties and even condominiums. Travelocity is leveraging its customer base to provide negotiated airline fares - often below published fares. For the first time in the industry, Travelocity puts together in one search
path its regular fare search engine, plus two kinds of fares negotiated with the airlines: those that display airlines and schedules, and others that don`t immediately reveal the airline or the
schedule but offer even more savings. Hotel and condominium GoodBuys offer low rates and availability for Travelocity customers at more than 2,500 properties in more than 125 cities worldwide, even when an
entire city may be otherwise “sold out.”  Through an agreement with
Hotel Reservations Network, condominiums will be provided for the first time.
* Travelocity`s Preferred Traveler Program: Travelocity introduces a travel club, designed with the online traveler in mind, which will
bring members insider access to special benefits such as airfare specials, dining discounts, hotel upgrades, airline club lounge passes, exclusive concierge services and more. This fee-based program will also offer exclusive savings, superior service, and enhanced travel experiences that only Travelocity can access through its extensive network of travel partners and suppliers. Travelocity`s
Preferred Traveler Program enhances membership in Travelocity and helps members make the most of their travels.
Travelocity Vacations:  Travelocity builds on its own national brand with Travelocity Vacations, creating a true national vacation brand, which allows online travelers the flexibility to build and book their own online vacation packages to more than 800 destinations. Previously, members could build a vacation by piecing together air, car and hotel separately, and they still can. But because Travelocity
Vacations can leverage its relationships with air, car and hotel suppliers, members can assemble their own vacation packages - at lower, package rates. Travelocity Vacations offers more user choices than any other vacation package vendor, including: more origin getaways, better schedules, last minute availability, specials, deals and Travelocity Rewards through the World MasterCard. Members can choose their preferred airline and car rental companies with their desired hotel package, plus they have the ability to add on theme park tickets, sightseeing tours and other amenities.
Option Finder: Option Finder includes two enhancements to
Travelocity`s industry-leading flight search technology. While searching for flights on Travelocity, members will have the option of choosing a mileage radius around their preferred departure airport. The alternate cities feature searches for any available savings based on radiuses of 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles.  Additionally, while members
are shopping for travel on a specific set of dates, Travelocity will automatically look at a range of dates near the customer`s specific choice to see if low fare alternatives are available. If lower fares are found in the search, Travelocity will display the savings, the airlines offering the savings and a calendar for members to see when the dates of the savings are offered. World MasterCard: With the introduction of the World MasterCard, the days of blackout dates and inflexible rules when redeeming reward travel with credit card points
are finally over. So are the days of spending weeks transferring credit card points to airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies. Unlike other travel credit card reward programs, the Travelocity
credit card enables cardholders to earn Travelocity Rewards, points
redeemable for travel products available on Travelocity, no matter when the date of travel or destination. Travelocity Rewards are redeemable online 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, with no advance purchase rules, for all scheduled airlines on the site, more than 50,000 hotels and more than 50 car rental companies.
In addition to those five exciting new features, Travelocity also announced five new products “to grow on.” These include: 1) A new, improved site design, with better navigation and numerous new features; 2) Bon Voyage Email, with great deals for travelers who have already booked and are headed
to 40 destinations; 3)Travelocity Store enhancements with amenities for the well-traveled; 4) new customer service technology that greatly enhances the
customer experience; and 5) Mobile FareWatcher, so on-the-go members don`t miss a sale to their favorite destinations.