Sweden Hotels and Scanres launch frequent guest programme on the Internet

Sweden Hotels and Scanres Hospitality Solutions AB launch the web based version of Sweden Hotels’ loyalty programme Veni Vidi Vici during March 2001.
The new site is hot news for the CRM area within the hospitality industry.
Sweden Hotels launched its current loyalty programme Veni Vidi Vici during 1998. Already from the start the idea was to add an extended service to the guests via the Internet. The new information and member site is a part of Sweden Hotels’ strategy of providing a higher level of service for the most important guests.
The new system will result in a more efficient contact with the members, which means faster information for the guests and cost savings for the hotel chain. Some of the functions on the site are unique on the world wide market for frequents guest programmes. Susanne Nyström, IT Manager at Sweden Hotels comments:
“We have added a new and exciting possibility for our guests to keep updated on their membership in Veni Vidi Vici. The guest can access the account statement with the latest transactions and get information about current offers. They have the possibility to book bonus nights and travel accessories and pay with points and of course they can update the personal information. All the actions are executed without any manual handling by our staff. We have received very positive reactions from our frequent guests so far.”
The site is an example of a customised web application that has become one of Scanres’ specialities. Scanres’ web development manager Niklas Kullinger continues:
“We have had the possibility to work closely with Sweden Hotels’ project group during the whole process, which is very important in order to reach the best result. Scanres’ team has a deep knowledge in the hotel business as former hoteliers. That, in combination with a flexible database and full control of the system source code, gives us the possibility to be successful with this kind of customised solution for our customers.”