New Solution from TripAdvisor

A new travel solution has been announced by TripAdvisor, an OEM provider of vertical search engine technologies.
SiteSearch for Travel provides complex product search capabilities to travel e-commerce sites, web portals and GDS providers. Built to address the shortcomings of existing search solutions for travel, TripAdvisor`s patent-pending search technology indexes and organizes existing product databases to allow for multi-dimensional searches across multiple product offerings, multiple data sources and multiple customer preferences.
This enables travel companies to present personalised, relevant product offerings at the precise moment visitors are searching for travel information. Current search technologies typically search solely on destination or limited keywords. For example, searching on “Golfing in Arizona” on many popular travel sites returns irrelevant results or results focused on one or the other criterion, but rarely will you receive results that match both criteria. When integrated into a GDS or travel e-commerce site, TripAdvisor`s SiteSearch for Travel parses the query “Golfing in Arizona” and analyses it across multiple dimensions, such as geography (Arizona), activity (golfing), profile (the customer prefers small, luxury hotels) and popularity (what are the most popular golf courses). For each destination suggested, TripAdvisor shows all appropriate packages/products and content available in the partner`s database, ranked by popularity and relevance to a customer`s profile.