STSN Gives Traveling Professionals Secure Access to Their Corporate Network Through VPN Compatibilit

STSN, the leading global provider of high-speed Internet access and broadband services to hotels and conference centers, allows business travelers using the STSN system to securely and privately connect to their corporate network at high-speeds across the public Internet through STSN compatibility with virtual private network (VPN) software.
The STSN system is designed for business travelers who need to connect to their corporate network while staying in a hotel.
STSN`s compliance with VPN software allows the user to securely access email, open network documents, and access corporate resources without reconfiguring laptop settings—so they can work as if in the office. By using STSN to connect to the corporate network, companies save money in traditional dial-up costs and traveling employee productivity.
``We have discovered that almost all major U.S. corporations now have a VPN in place for their traveling employees to connect back to the corporate office,`` said LeMonte Gregory, STSN`s director of network operations.
``Unlike many of our competitors, we have gone to great lengths to make the STSN system compatible with the leading VPN solutions, so that our users can connect back to their office network at high speed.``
Currently, STSN has tested and shown compliance with most popular VPNs, including Check Point 2000 Enterprise Suite, Cisco 3000 Concentrator Series, Microsoft 98 VPN, Microsoft NT VPN, Microsoft 2000 VPN, Nortel Networks Contivity VPN Switch, Raptor Mobile Power VPN, RedCreek, and Shiva LanRover.
STSN is constantly testing new VPN software to establish compatibility; more information about VPNs and the STSN system can be found on the STSN Web site.
``STSN high-speed access along with Nortel Networks Contivity VPN Switch enables mobile users to access their corporate network at office-like speeds,`` said Bob Reason, senior manager of Contivity product marketing at Nortel Networks. ``The Contivity software on their laptop requires no reconfiguration and users are provided a secure connection to their corporate networks from their hotel location.``
In order to access corporate networks over the public Internet, business travelers must have VPN software at their corporate network and on their laptop. The STSN system is a simple plug-and-play solution where users can easily connect using an Ethernet or USB cable.
STSN`s high-speed access eliminates lengthy downloads and allows the guest to use the Internet as a resource for work or entertainment at the hotel. In addition, STSN provides technical support for hotel guests via a toll-free number available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.