easyJet sells record 71% seats online

easyJet has hit a record high in the proportion of seats sold online. During the week ending 7 May, easyJet sold 96,116 seats online, which accounted for 71% of all sales for that period.

So far as we are aware, this is a record for any airline and reinforces our status as the ‘web’s favourite airline’. It also reflects the airline’s position as one of Europe’s biggest online retailers.

Last week’s performance beat the last record high of 66% set last November.

At the beginning of the week, easyJet introduced a new Internet booking policy. This means that seats booked more than two months in advance of the departure date can only be purchased online.

The positive impact of this new policy, together with the success of an Internet Sale over the weekend has contributed to this impressive result.


The week-on-week underlying trend of Internet sales is in the region of 67% of total sales.