Solars Service Bureau Starts

SCS Solars Computing Systems, “SolarNet”, has started a Service Bureau to fill the system requirements of the small to mid sized independent tour operator through TourTek, its wholly owned subsidiary.
TourTek is a robust, state-of-the art, inventory management and reservation system for tour operators, combining the best features of all existing tour operator management systems into one.
The new service will feature identical functionality to that offered in an in-house system, complete with the ability to use TourTek`s full suite of modules, but through an online Internet connection. The TourTek inventory management and reservation system uses an Oracle 8i database and Windows “point & click” navigation.
“One of the greatest benefits of TourTek for the smaller tour operator is that the system can run on any PC, which has Windows 95, up to Windows NT, using an ISDN or DSL type internet connection,” says John Latremouille, President of the TourTek division.
“The pricing structure of this new service is designed to be affordable for the small to mid sized tour operator. This pricing model offers the tour operator a low cost of entry into the world of today`s technology. For this size of operator the upfront costs of a traditional software solution can be prohibitive. With our Service Bureau, the tour operator will literally “pay as they go”. This transaction fee approach is similar to the model used in our LiveLinx(x)PLUS product”, stated Frank Wells, Vice Chairman of SCS. “This will enable the smaller tour operator to better control its costs at startup and during non-peak selling cycles”, said Wells.
The new TourTek service is scheduled to be launched in summer 2001 from Toronto, Canada, with binding commitments from tour operators representing a minimum of 100,000 passengers a year. It is the multi branding functionality that is unique to the TourTek system that makes this type of application environment possible.