Brendan Tours Signs With SCS

SCS Solars Computing Systems has signed another LiveLinx(x)PLUS contract, with Brendan Tours headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
As announced recently, LiveLinx(x)PLUS is the next stage in SolarNet`s development that allows the Company to generate transaction fees.
LiveLinx(x)PLUS lets the travel agent determine the availability of specific classes of seating on scheduled airlines, then sends a detailed Automated Booking Messaging (“ABM”) to the travel vendor. As with all SolarNet products, this availability check and ABM is conducted through one of the GDS`/CRS` networks. 95% of travel agents are connected to one of these four networks.
Brendan Tours has used SolarNet for its GDS/CRS distribution to travel agents since February 1999. The first contract was for the electronic distribution of its airfares to travel agents using the GDS/CRS networks through SolarNet`s LiveLinx product. LiveLinx(x)PLUS adds further automation by permitting the travel agent to check seat availability and electronically forward Brendan Tours an ABM without leaving the SolarNet screen on the GDS/CRS. This new technology will eliminate telephone calls and therefore result in increased efficiencies for both the travel agent and Brendan Tours.