easyJet and Boeing meet for unveiling of www.myboeingfleet.com

Yesterday Stelios, Chairman of easyJet, met with Phil Condit, CEO of Boeing, for a presentation regarding the new Boeing web site, www.myboeingfleet.com.

www.myboeingfleet.com is a new concept that acts as a single source of online maintenance, engineering and flight operations data for airline customers. The new system also enables fleet managers to order spare parts online, allowing business to be done more quickly and easily.

The meeting was held at the easyEverything Internet cafe in High Street Kensington in central London.

easyJet has recently placed a firm order with Boeing for 17 brand new “next-generation” 737-700s. This is in addition to the existing order of 15 new aircraft, which will start to be delivered this Autumn, taking the total easyJet order with Boeing to 32 aircraft.

easyJet already flies one of the world’s youngest fleets, with the average age of the aircraft being just four years old. However, as these new aircraft enter the fleet, other aircraft will be phased out, making the average age of the fleet even younger. By the end of 2004, the easyJet fleet will consist of 44 aircraft.