Yahoo!, partner

Yahoo! Inc. announced it partnered with online travel content provider
as part of its move to make its Yahoo! Travel site available to mobile Web phone users.
The site will allow travelers to check their airline itineraries or look for the next departing flight. It also offers Travelocity’s “Best Fares” feature for discounted travel deals. Yahoo
!‘s move comes as a variety of airlines, including America West and Air Canada, have started offering a variety of services to mobile users. Most include the ability to check airline flight schedules, and some offer more advanced services such as changing flights or buying tickets.
“With the launch of Yahoo! Travel for Web-enabled phones, we are further establishing our leadership position in the wireless space,” said Anurag Mendhekar, director of Yahoo! Everywhere. “With the integration of Travelocity’s wireless travel tools, Yahoo! is able to provide timely and personalized information to the most mobile consumers—travelers.”
Yahoo!‘s announcement comes after the company lowered its earnings expectations and announced the departure of several key executives.
Yahoo!‘s stock was down almost 6 percent to about $15 per share in trading today, down from the company’s massive 52-week high of more than $200 per share.