Tech Innovation Week From Airtran

AirTran Airways has kicked off a “Tech Innovation Week” to highlight new programmes designed to improve customer service and airline operations.
These initiatives are designed to leapfrog many longstanding business technologies and to help enhance AirTran Airways` position as an innovative force in the U.S. air travel industry.
AirTran Airways announced a final agreement with Navitaire, an Accenture Technology Venture, to upgrade its reservations system to Flight Speed, a suite of technical solutions developed for the travel industry. The new system, which is expected to deploy on 28th April, will bring increased speed, reliability and ease of use for AirTran Airways reservation agents. Flight Speed enables reservation agents to experience a user-friendly programme that will more quickly and easily process booking information, such as travel destinations, flight times, client contact information and payment options. Navitaire will host the new reservations system in its state-of-the-art data centre in Minneapolis. This arrangement will afford the airline increased security and dependability.