SAM`S Club Chooses Amadeus for E-Travel

The Nation`s Leading Membership Warehouse Club selects Amadeus for its Online Travel Solution.
SAM`S CLUB selects exclusive Amadeus private-label offering to bring online travel services to its more than 41 million members.
World-class retailer serves as launch customer for turnkey travel solution.
Amadeus` new private-label e-commerce travel solution has been selected by the nation`s leading membership warehouse club to offer, for the first time ever, online travel services to its more than 41 million members in the U.S.
SAM`S CLUB is the first customer to employ Amadeus` exclusive private-label offering that provides a fully integrated, end-to-end solution enabling a company to offer travel information and reservations on their website and incorporate best practices in all areas of delivering superior travel services to their online consumer. In addition to the SAM`S CLUB travel site at
, Amadeus is already a major supplier of e-commerce solutions to travel professionals and companies around the globe.
The Amadeus private-label solution, which allows online marketers to build upon their own brand quickly and efficiently, is a powerful, cost-effective, and highly customized way to offer a comprehensive and competitive online travel service. From information and booking capabilities for air, car and hotel reservations to ticketing and customer service, this turnkey solution enables quick and efficient implementation of a secure, feature-rich travel site. However, “speed-to-market” isn`t the only attribute of Amadeus` new private-label solution that gives it a competitive advantage.
Adding Travel to Online Brands Seamlessly “Amadeus is exclusive in offering a premier end-to-end solution for any company that wants to add travel services to their online brand,” says Philippe Chérèque, senior vice president, corporate strategy of Amadeus.
“As the leading e-commerce category, travel is a proven way to attract new users and encourage current customers to spend more time and money at a website,” Chérèque adds. “We are offering our private-label solution to companies that wish to take full advantage of, and participate in, the leading e-commerce category without having to incur the significant expense of building a site from the ground up, or managing the actual travel transaction day to day.”
Enabling Online Travel The private-label solution provides robust online booking capabilities for air, car and hotel reservations, low-fare search functionality, and management of special and discounted rates, as well as ticket fulfillment and customer relationship management services.
Significantly, it delivers real-time access and booking through the Amadeus reservation system to some 500 airlines, 54,000 hotels and 48 car rental companies. Additionally, online consumers have access to compelling content and services including travel news, destination information, travel tips and advice, and weekly e-mail travel deals.
The Amadeus private-label solution is offered in partnership with
, a leading U.S. online travel site where Amadeus has a 55 percent controlling equity interest with Terra Lycos.